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Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center | 06-08 December 2022

Why GlutenVita?

Better absorption

We have selected the best absorbable forms of vitamins and minerals to effectively fight their deficiency

No unnecessary extras

Compositions developed based on scientific research

Optimal doses

Properly balanced doses allow for effective and safe supplementation

About Us

GlutenVita is a dietary supplement created for people who suffer from any type of gluten intolerance. It can also be used by those people who, for any other reason, decided to exclude gluten-containing products from their diet. There are many causes of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, so it is worth supplementing them by taking our supplement.

We aim at solving real problems

By creating GlutenVita, our main goal is to solve problems that we are all exposed to. The most important thing for us is to maintain strict quality standards and efficiency. Each implemented idea is dictated by knowledge, and each decision by health. Over the quantity of available products, we focus on their quality. We will never increase sales volume at the expense of effectiveness. We treat everyone with great respect. We care about mutual friendship and good relations with customers and recipients not only of our products, but also of the idea itself.

Our team of experts

We have been part of the dietary supplement industry for over 8 years. We started as consumers interested in a healthy lifestyle, only to follow our own path many years later.

Our consultants

Meet our consultants available for you at the event and talk to us about the possibilities of cooperation.

Our expert

Behind our product are educated experts in their fields, and our products have been repeatedly tested in the laboratory.

Let’s talk!

Ask us anything or just say hi.

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